Tuesday, November 4, 2008

moving to new blog site

I'm moving to a new blog site so that the name will match my new email address.I will keep this one open too, because it's easier than transferring all the pictures. But all new pictures will be on the new web site. Click on the link at the right to get to the new site.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

a necklace with earrings

This set was given as a gift. But I do have some of the beads, could make something similar again. These earrings are smaller than my usual, just to fit the person who is getting them.

just a few more earrings

just a few more examples. I think the leopard-print glass beads are very cute, I have made a few others with leopard-print beads.

more earrings

more earring examples.

some earrings

some earring examples

and more necklaces

just a few more necklace examples.

some necklaces

Here are some recent necklaces. One I kept, 2 are going out the door.